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10min Pilates Bodyweight Pilates with Bonnie
In this 10-minute Pilates-inspired bodyweight routine, Bonnie will guide you through a series of exercises designed to improve your core strength, posture, and overall flexibility. This is the perfect video to complement your HIIT workouts and promote balance in your fitness routine.
15min HIIT No Equipment Total Body Burn with James
James leads this fast-paced, 15-minute HIIT workout that requires no equipment. Using just your bodyweight, you'll perform a variety of exercises to elevate your heart rate, burn calories, and challenge your entire body. Get ready to push yourself and see amazing results!
30min HIIT Dumbbell Only Full Body Blast with Daigi
oin Daigi for an intense 30-minute HIIT workout using only dumbbells. This full-body blast will target every major muscle group, boost your metabolism, and leave you feeling stronger and more energized.
Bodyweight Blast: Dynamic Stretching and HIIT Workout
About Lesson

Get ready to join Bonnie for a quick, yet effective 10-minute Pilates-inspired bodyweight routine. This class is perfect for those looking to improve core strength, posture, and overall flexibility without the need for any equipment.

In just 10 minutes, Bonnie will guide you through a series of classic Pilates exercises designed to target your entire body, with a special focus on your core muscles. Expect to perform movements like the Hundred, Roll-Up, Single-Leg Circles, Rolling Like a Ball, and more.

Each exercise is performed with a focus on proper form, controlled breathing, and mind-body connection. Bonnie will provide clear instructions and demonstrations to ensure you’re getting the most out of each movement.

This class is suitable for all fitness levels, as modifications will be provided for those who need them. Whether you’re new to Pilates or a seasoned practitioner, you’ll find a challenge that suits your needs.

One of the great things about this class is that it can be done anywhere, at any time. All you need is a mat or soft surface to lie on, and you’re good to go. This makes it perfect for those busy days when you don’t have time for a longer workout.

So, if you’re ready to strengthen your core, improve your posture, and increase your flexibility in just 10 minutes, join Bonnie for this invigorating Pilates-inspired bodyweight routine. Remember to breathe, focus, and most importantly, enjoy the process!

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