Tight Booty Stretch Glute Challenge


Stop shedding tears over your sagging rear! The Tight Booty Stretch Glute Challenge is here to transform your drab booty into an enviable, perky asset.

This 30-day guided program is designed to lift, tone, and tighten your backside through strategic stretches and resistance training. With follow-along video classes led by expert trainers like Amelia, Mila, Megan, and Latoya, you’ll receive a comprehensive routine to increase glute flexibility, build muscle, and sculpt a rounder, perkier booty.


What’s Included:

  • 30 follow-along video classes from 10-45 minutes
  • Variety of class styles like Booty Burn, Barre, HIIT, and more
  • Stretches to improve range of motion and reduce tightness
  • Strengthening exercises to build muscle and shape
  • Guided schedule to stay on track
  • Modifications for all levels
  • Tips for unlocking tight areas

Class Highlights:

  • 20min Booty Burn & Core Tone Fusion with Amelia
  • 45min Booty Burn And Core Strength and Burn with Mila
  • 45min Booty Burn & Core Energizing Power with Mila
  • 45min Booty Burn and Core Feel the Burn with Megan
  • 45min Booty Burn and Core Powerful Core, Booty Restore with Mila
  • 45min Booty Burn and Core Sizzling Booty & Core with Mila
  • 10min Strength Booty Builder with Latoya
  • 10min Booty Burn & Core Booty Sculpting with Amelia
  • 10min Barre Booty Burning Barre with Mila

No more pancake butt! This results-driven program will have you feeling confident, sexy, and empowered with a tight, toned booty you’ll want to show off. Join the Tight Booty Stretch Glute Challenge today and finally get that snatched backside you’ve been dreaming of.

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